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  • Three Top Tips For Tremendous Translations

    When it comes to translating a voice-over or script into other languages, several hurdles need to be clambered over. It was a major issue in the past, particularly in the video games industry to see exceptionally poor, literal translations of games into other languages. Even games that have since become hugely successful such as The […]

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  • Should Kids Be Watching TV With Subtitles?

    When many of us think of subtitled content, we think of foreign language movies or TV series and typically we associate this with content that’s made for an adult audience. However, there are many benefits to children watching TV with subtitles on. That’s according to Sharon Black, a lecturer in interpreting (with Spanish) at the […]

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  • Celebrities are not always the right option for voice over!

    I read with interest Anna Smith’s article in the London Metro a couple of months ago where she wrote ‘maybe the voiceover jobs require skills that don’t come naturally to even the best actors’. This was in relation to Idris Elba’s attempts at voicing Shere Khan in the new Jungle Book film. It reminded me […]

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